GedCom Explorer

Gedcom Explorer is a small, fast Windows utility for exploring the contents of Gedcom files with the following capabilities:
  • New version as of 2nd Feb 2011.

  • Will load FTW TEXT files and translate them to GEDCOM format.

  • Discover all the independent trees or family groups within the Gedcom files. View these as trees, produce an index of the people in each group as a spreadsheet or save the tree as a separate Gedcom.

  • Detect loop errors, linking problems and other discrepancies in trees or family groups.

  • Produce an index of all the people in the Gedcoms as a spreadsheet.

  • Produce a spreadsheet of Gedcom events (birth, baptism, marriage, etc) in the Gedcom files.

  • Search spreadsheets using the Soundex and MetaPhone algorithms on surnames.

  • Save spreadsheets in HTML, Excel, or Word formats.

  • Slice, prune or edit a tree or family group into another Gedcom file in a visually intutative way. Slice off only the necessary data prior to sending your Gedcom to others or prior to merging Gedcoms.

  • View Notes and Citations associated with people and their Gedcom events. Search Notes for items of text.

  • View various trees associated with a person (Pedigree, Descendant, etc).

  • View and search the raw Gedcom file.

  • Download a trial.

  • Check for additional resources on the Support page.

  • Please Note: The utility is a viewer and cannot edit Gedcom files.

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